The Beginning of Eliza Rose
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The Beginning of Eliza Rose

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Choosing a company name is a lot harder than we first imagined... 

When we opened in Molly's Den in August 2014, we didn't have a name. At the time is was not important, we didn't need it in order to operate. However a lot has changed since that first hot sunny day, after weeks of building and sourcing stock. For starters my dad has gone from not painting any furniture to having a garage full of it!! He now knows the difference between Annie Sloan, Authentico, Frenchic and Everlong paint, with an opinion on which is best!

We have grown as a business over this time and firmly decided upon the route on which we want to go down, it's been a steep learning curve however. From not really knowing anything about running a real business, we are now in the lucky position to have expanded and are continuing to do really well!

Over time our name became Diggers & Dolls, it was my blog name and seemed like it fitted us. It stemmed from my two kids, one whose favorite thing was Diggers and the other Dolls (pretty obvious, right?!). I have had my blog for around 4 years, mostly talking about all the craft things that I have done. I've lost count of the number of different crafts that I've had a go at now and my spare room is groaning from all the random, half finished projects..

As our Molly's Den space grew, we started to out grow it and started looking for permanent premises. At this point my brother got on board and we developed the business plan to open a joint vintage shop and tearoom. But.... the name Diggers & Dolls just didn't fit any more. 

One day whilst I was out with my parents (in John Lewis' cafe to be precise) it just clicked, Eliza Rose! It was the name of my daughter, has a gorgeous vintage feel to it, a great story for why we are called it and covers both sides of our business! Perfect! 

However, I'm not sure my son, Rhys will ever forgive me for naming the shop after his little sister....



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