Upcycled Chair with Annie Sloan Louis Blue – Eliza Rose
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Upcycled Chair with Annie Sloan Louis Blue

We are just in the middle of a glorious heat wave in the South of England, which is such a nice change from wind and rain. 

This blog post is just to give a quick insight into some of the up-cycling work that we do. We picked up this chair locally, looking worse for wear and generally in need of some love. 


I decided that the best colour would be this sumptuous pastel blue, Louis blue chalk paint by Annie Sloan.


I have used Annie Sloan paint on lots and lots of pieces of furniture now and it's simply wonderful to work with. So much time is saved by not having to sand or prime the wood prior to painting. Not to mention saving on the sand paper!!

This paint is highly recommended by so many people, but there are lots of chalk paint alternatives - including Grand Illusions and Autentico. 

Its also worth investing in a decent, good quality paintbrush if you are planning on doing any upcyling yourself. I use the Annie Sloan brushes, but any that don't shed bristles is a must!

It took a couple of coats of the paint to get a good coverage. As with any painting, several thin coats are better than one thick one. I decided against sanding the edges to give it a worn/vintage look, I just felt that the solid coverage suited this chair better. This is after the first coat, I never managed to get a photo of the finished chair before it sold! 

Lesson learnt, always take photos of stock before taking them up to the Den...


It's so lovely now! Im really happy with how it turned out, if I owned the chair I think it would go lovely in the corner of a guest room or as part of a mis-matched dining room chair set. That's something that I'm definitely going to do in the future. How lovely would a big table look with each of the dining chairs painted in a different vintage pastel colour?

To finish the chair and make it splash proof, two thin layers of soft wax were applied.


This wax smells lovely (or I'm just a bit strange...) and goes on furniture a dream. This wax is a clear, the colour does darken by about a shade by gives it a nice sheen. Once again I highly recommend using a wax brush as it gets it in all the corners.

This chair has already been sold and happily living in its new home :)

Stay tuned for our next up-cycling projects!

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