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The Painted House - Patterned Paint Rollers

A few years ago I discovered The Painted House Rollers, when I was watching the Great Interior Design Show. One of the designers used the No.6 Design in a woodland themed room, on one wall to create this amazing faux wallpaper. It was simply a stunning effect and tied the room together perfectly.

These rollers designed for creating the look of traditional handmade block-printed fabric or wallpaper in your home. The founder, Clare Bosanquet, found them in Romania where they have been used for the last 100 years or so as an alternative to wallpaper. 

I knew once I saw how easily the designer created the effect, that I needed to get my hands on some! They quickly arrived (I chose the Tuvi design originally) and I immediately got to work on trying them on a table that I had recently painted with Chalk Paint, I adore the combo of grey with white detail.

I was generally amazed at how easy it was to create this look, three quick rolls and I was done. The roller's are reusable and interchangeable and come in 9 different designs, with a choice of two applicators, one for use on fabric and the other for papers and walls. 

To use, paint is loaded onto the foam roller then the patterned roller is placed into the applicator (on top of the foam roller). At this point I coat the patterned roller in paint, this is to ensure an even application. As the same applicator can be used with any of the designs, you can build up a collection of beautiful designs and change which one you use depending on the piece you are doing. 

I have used these predominately on upcycled furniture, some of the pieces can be seen below. The trick is to use them once you have painted but before you buff, seal or wax. If you have sealed the piece, the rollers can drag or run across the surface too quickly and smudge. 

I have also used the wall applicator on fabric (it gives a slightly 'fatter' pattern) to create a lampshade for my hallway. You can use the fabric applicator to give a more detailed look. To print fabric, you need to hang (or stick in my case) it to a wall and then simply roll. I used Everlong Chalk Paint to achieve this look (Earl Grey), of course you can't wash this material but its perfect for things you don't intend on washing. A lampshade making kit is a great way to add a personal touch and was very easy to use.

Its also been used on my bedroom wall, for this I used Everlong Paint in Vintage and the Tussock design which is one of the prettiest ones. After all these projects, I knew that these were a product that we had to stock to enable all of you to use in your amazing upcycling endeavors! We stock both types of applicator and the majority of the designs :)

Honestly these rollers are so easy to use and there is a section on the website where we answer the most common questions that are asked: 

How to use

Wall Applicator

Fabric Applicator

If your still unsure, you can come along to one of our free Everlong Paint workshops, as we also have the rollers out for people to try and play with :) 

These are not available online but can be bought at both at Molly's Den, Winchester and The Boutique Village, Southampton. 

Simone xx


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