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Everlong Paint Durability

I was a bit lost for something to write about this week, but my lovely Facebook followers came to the rescue asking some very valid questions when it came to using Everlong Paint when painting their furniture. 

One of them asked - hot mugs etc would it mark it if no sealer used?

Now, I was actually really unsure about this one as it's not something that I have ever tried as I've always sealed the tops of my tables. So, a little experiment was in order! I took a mug of hot water (it was not wet on the outside) and left it on a bookcase which I had painted with Everlong Lady Grey paint but hadn't bothered to seal or buff as its hidden behind a door. I left it for 10 minutes, lifted it up nervously as I was pretty convinced it would leave a mark - but not a mark insight! The paint/surface was hot, but not a stain or mark in sight - I was impressed! 

If you buffed the paint it would increase durability further than the matt finish. Of course, I'd recommend that you seal the tops of tables to ensure durability as this makes the surface both waterproof and wipeable. The paint is not compatible with water unsealed as it is water soluble - so will leave a mark. However this does mean that you can clean your brushes in water so we can't have it both ways! 

The next question was - What is the best/most hard wearing finish for furniture - wax or varnish?

Now, this was a really interesting question. There are several different ways to seal your finished furniture using - wax or a water based sealer. 


With wax, the Everlong Paint actually contains this or you can wax separately using a soft wax like the Annie Sloan clear or dark wax. The wax in the Everlong paint can be brought out by using a cheap sponge or rag and you get a beautiful shine - as shown in one of the photos from Everlong themselves -

This does give a beautiful shine and is great for furniture which is unlikely to see high traffic, such as bookcases or mirrors. It also gives a absolutely beautiful silky finish which you will not believe comes from just the paint! However if you are using a soft wax, such as Annie Sloan you will get a very hard finish which can deal with slightly more but you must leave it to cure for around 30 days to ensure a perfect finish. 

However, its worth noting that wax is not really compatible with water, it can mark if wet mugs are left on it or spills happen. This is true for both Everlong Paint or if you have waxed with a soft wax.  Soft wax can be harmful so you must be careful when using it :)

Oil based Varnish - this is not really recommended as it can leave a yellow tint to the finished piece - especially if you have painted in white! 

Water Soluble Varnish

A water soluble varnish such as Polyvine (most people use Dead Flat finish) does give a much more durable finish compared to the waxes. This option has become a very popular choice recently as shows hardly any brush marks and leaves an almost invisible finish. They also have a satin one which is meant to mimic the waxed look. 

The Everlong one-coat sealer is also a water soluble varnish, it comes as a milky white solution which you paint directly onto the furniture. It is recommended that you always brush in one direction just to ensure that you don't get any brush marks. This sealer does leave a slightly shiny finish (again to mimic a waxed piece), however if you have buffed the other areas of the piece, this will not be out of place. 

If using the one coat sealer you can used a foam roller to make sure you do not have any brush marks - this is especially useful if you are painting kitchen cupboard doors. 

Here are some tables that I used the Everlong one coat sealer on, check out that silky finish!

I have tested the difference between unbuffed and sealed Everlong paint, the unbuffed paint will show fingernail scrapes while a sealed piece will not. However if you scrape a metal spoon along either piece, a mark will be left - it is not indestructible! 

Personally, I love the varnished finish as it soooo much easier to apply and doesn't take me ages to wash out my brushes at the end... but its totally up to personal preference, some love wax and others will love varnish! Varnish will give you more durability but wax will give you the warmth. 

Let me know if you have a preference! 


S xx


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