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Upcycle a pine chest of drawers for a completely new look

In this post I tackled a plain pine chest of drawers that my parents gave me. The chest of drawers was really solidly built, but it just didn't fit into Eliza's room. So I planned to paint it bright yellow and get new drawer handles. Here is a quick photo showing you the before and after!


So, here are a couple of photos of the chest of drawers beforehand,


To do this project you need,

  • Sandpaper
  • Chalk Paint
  • Brush
  • Wax (if your not using Everlong Chalk paint which includes it)
  • One Coat Sealer (if your using Everlong Chalk paint)
  • Sponge
  • Sheet to cover your work area
  • Drawer handles

I started by removing all the drawers and handles,



It's important to sand down all the areas you want to paint. This is remove any varnish or finish that prevent the paint staying on. Next sponge it down to remove dust.

Now time for the fun bit! Paint all the visible areas, remembering corners and detailed areas! Point to note if you are using a super bright yellow paint.... It seems to attract every known fly in the area, who has to land on your drying paint. This will lead to a very high death rate for the flies.... I speak from personal experience!

I gave the chest of drawers two coats, leaving it to dry overnight between them.


All the drawers went back in with no hassle.


I choose to replace the drawer handles,we stock a wide range of drawer handles if you need inspiration! The holes for the new handles were slightly larger, so I had to drill the holes a bit bigger. They look pretty good don't you think?!




The whole job took me two days on and off, but I am so pleased with the final result! It fits perfectly into her room, it was very easy to do. I would recommend doing it to anyone!

Let me know what you think! :) x


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