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Handmade Patchwork bunting cushion

Unless you have been living along in a forest for the past few years you'll know that bunting is really big. My living room wouldn't really suit bunting all round it, but my sofa has been crying out for a bunting themed cushion ;)

I found a old Cross Stitcher magazine in the back of my wardrobe (there is a rather large stash in there, but thats another story). The stitching took around a week to complete, alongside some other bits and pieces. I changed some of the colours to what I had available, the flowers were originally pink, but I actually prefer the purple, I think otherwise it could have felt a bit too girly.

The cushion is similar to a bag I have made previously, instead of having red polka dot fabric on the front, it is instead on the back. This gave a more pastel finish to the front of the cushion, it was really quite simple to do. The two side pieces of fabric were machine stitched, followed by the two bottom pieces. Finally a back piece of fabric was cut the same size as the front and machine stitched all the way round, remembering to leave a gap at the bottom!

I decided to stuff my cushion with some old pillow stuffing (a cheap one that had gone all lumpy, good bit of recycling!) and then used a ladder stitch to close up the gap at the bottom.

Here are a couple of pictures of the finished cushion!

The front:


The back of the cushion. It looks wonky, but it's actually just my rubbish photography! ..


I am really enjoying getting back into the craftyness and am starting to get projects lined up for the future. But as always it is hard to fit it in around all the painting ;) 

Have a lovely evening!

Lots of crafty love,



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