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How to make Handmade Doorstops

One of the first items to be made for Molly's Den was doorstops. These items are too expensive to post due to the weight of the filling, so are perfect for people to pick up. To start with I have just made the plain ones as I need to get my numbers up, but in the future I'm hoping to add some appliqué designs.

I enjoy making these items, the first one was with a stripy fabric. I made cardboard templates for each of the three parts required to speed up the process,


You need 4 side panels, 2 top/bottom panels and one handle. I use a air erasable pen, which is amazing! In the move to our new house I have lost my rotary cutter which makes me very sad, though fabric scissors work just as well.

To make the handle the long edges are folded in by 1cm on each side and then folded in half. It's important to iron in all folds! You will regret it otherwise.



Once folded, stitch along the open edge, right sides out. All seams in my doorstop had 1.5cm seam allowances.


Take your top panel and pin the handle to the middle. Sew small squares at each end of the handle, then stitch crosses inside these squares to reinforce the handle. These squares will be hidden in the seam allowance. Once complete set aside,



Next, take the four side panels and pin them together. This will give you a hollow cube and simply stitch all the panels together, right sides in.



This bit is the hardest! You need to sew the top and bottom panels to the hollow cube, with right sides on the inside. I completely forgot to take photos! The key is not to sew beyond the corners, I.e stopping 1.5cm from the edge. Here is the unfilled doorstop


It's vital to leave a unstitched section at the bottom, both for turning the right sides out and stuffing it.


To fill the doorstop I used standard play sand and toy stuffing. It is filled with approximately 50/50 sand to stuffing, this means it actually keeps doors open (woop!) and gives a lovely over stuffed look.



First of many hopefully!!


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