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How to make a Blackboard using a Photo Frame

Today has been the hottest day of the year and it sure does feel like it!! I'm hoping you have managed to get outside and see some of it :) 

For our space at Molly's den, I wanted to advertise the website and social media outlets but we haven't yet got our new leaflets. A black board is perfect for this but I could find a simple one anywhere.

Instead I bought a cheap frame from ikea (£3.75!) and some blackboard paint from B&Q (£7.50).



With the frame, I removed the plastic cover, which acts as the 'glass' as I had no use for it. Next, take the wooden back panel out of the frame and give it a quick sand to enable to paint to stick.


It took two coats of the blackboard paint to cover the wood properly, giving it a lovely finish which will enable to the chalk to show up nice and bright. This weather means the paint is drying very, very quickly!!


The wood was put back into the frame and ta da, one blackboard frame!


The blackboard works well with chalk, but for my purpose a chalk pen would be better as it is much smoother to write with and gives a more professional finish.

If you need a black board, upcycle an old photo frame! If you manage to find a gorgeous old one, give it a quick lick of paint, maybe a bit of distressing and it will make a great addition to your room. 

Enjoy the sunshine :)


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