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20 Things about Me

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On Instagram, there has been a post going around tagging people and learning 20 facts about them that you may not have known. I have been tagged by @lottieandlois and @anfoncariad and because it just wouldn't fit on my Instagram feed, I decided to blog about it instead!

1. I have an addiction to buying home decor things despite running a company that sells them 🙊

2. I grew up by the sea and used to watch the boats sail past whilst in my history classroom at secondary school

3. I met my hubby to be in my freshers week at uni, he was a third year 😳

4. We have a photo of the exact moment that we met (he was having me a free t-shirt 😂)

5. I have a PhD in virology and use my Dr title on pretty much every card I own and its on my passport 😂

6. I can play both the piano and flute, though I haven't done in years!

7. I had my kids young, at 22 and 25

8. I used to work as a Technical Specialist for a Lifescience company, providing support to scientists across 7 countries (sometimes more!)

9. Before this business, I used to have a blog called Diggers and Dolls which I wrote for 3 years

10. I hate horror movies, actually pretty much anything with a hint of psychology violence scares me (there was a particular episode of Luther that kept me up for days 😂)

11. After doing the Great South Run and Tough Mudder I have realised I am rubbish at running!!

12. I don't like flying, but still get on the plane. I get so obsessive that I google air accidents in the months before I have to fly to convince myself it will be fine. However my hubby has taken over 160 flights in 5 years ✈️

13. I am known for being impulsive and often sign up to random classes to learn things (snow boarding, vintage styling, paddle boarding, cooking, crochet etc)

14. The pin of Elizas room has been repined over 10k times on Pinterest which completely blows by mind everytime I think about it

15. Before having a little girl, I was convinced that mine would not turn out to be a pink/princessy one, I couldn't not have been more wrong 😂

16. I am chair of Rhys' school PTA, but will be stepping down this year as its too much with the business 😢

17. I'm a total nerd and often listen to BBC radio 4, politics shows and really enjoy reading academic papers 

18. I am self taught on using chalk paint 🎨 

19. I have been married for 10 years next year 😳

20. Its my 30th birthday this year 🎉


I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me!  


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