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4 Days till Opening 😳

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I am going to say sorry right now for not having written more posts about how the progress of the shop has been going. To be honest, it all got a bit hectic and whilst I remembered to take photos (win 👊) I ran out of time to write up what has been going on around these photos!
So, with 4 days to go here is a update on where I am now... 
The following day after my last post, this big extending table was moved into place. Its a beautiful pine table, which was stripped back on the top, painted in Roman White on the legs and then white waxed. This will be used to display bits the majority of the time and then cleared and covered for workshops to take place. 
A Welsh dresser was moved into the corner next to the till point, this is going to be where the Autentico paint will be on display. The dresser is painted in Roman White and French Grey, I need to dry brush the details but thats a job for another day!! The space behind the dresser has been left quite big, its not for stock storage but instead will be my workshop area for painting pieces and can comfortably fit a chest of drawers in ☺️
The till was moved into place, I'm using a cool till which is linked to my website so when something sells in the shop it will reduce the stock levels on the website. I'm hoping that this will make my life easier and will put a stop to any issues!
I was pretty excited to get the window display together, there is a lot more I want to do in the future with this window. I had tried to hang some faux flowers from the top of the ceiling with nylon string but it just didn't look right, so its back to the drawing board to work out how to get some height into the display.
Next up was sorting out the workshop wall, I got some white letters from Posh Graffiti which were attached to a board above the wall. I have prepped the chalk board with a layer of chalk, attempted to write the dates of the workshops on but it looks terrible (maybe a slight over reaction 😂) so tomorrow I'm going to retry with a liquid chalk pen that I have... I need to channel my inner calligrapher!
On Wednesday last week, the new chest of drawers arrived, turns out its further than I thought the distance between the carpark and the shop! Now, I just need to do this every month to stay fit 😉 
Thursday was the day of putting up all the shelves and mirrors. The original shelves were too wide so my dad was amazing, took them home and cut them to the right size for me. He also put them all up with some vintage style shelve brackets! This corner is my favourite in the entire shop, it just all came together and looks perfect 😍
This big circle mirror is beautiful (only £50!) and I very nearly kept it for myself to go in my downstairs loo... 
Little mirrors were also hung up, signs and then the long shelves went up for more paint to go on. 
This has been may favourite part so far, just faffing around and rearranging things till they find their right home. Now, of course I know that it won't always stay like this and people move things around, but I really enjoy styling little corners! 
The ladder was left behind in the shop and I was asked if I wanted it to stay which was a very loud yes! I have wrapped string lights around the rungs to create a twinkly feel, these are battery operated so no trying to find the nearest plug.
With everything starting to find its home, it was time to get the paint out! I am so excited to be stocking Autentico paint, there are soooo many colours (with 150 there is one for every piece!) and its not just the colours, its all the extra bits which can take your furniture to the next level. Such as art medium, image transfer, crackle glazes and coloured waxes and there are even 3 different types of gift packs which are perfect presents.
The shop is full of faux flowers, furniture, signs, cushions and so much to transform your home into a gorgeous space. The creation of this space from a blank room into a little shop is something that I am really proud of. I honestly had no real idea of what the end space was going to look like but I think its turned out pretty well! 
At the weekend one of the final touches was put on, my very own sign above the window. This feels like the icing on the cake! There are of course things that are still on my list which won't get done in time such as the opening hours vinyl on the door, mostly because until October the hours are not going to be my normal hours (shut mon/tues) as I have to juggle childcare over the summer holidays.
I hope you think it looks as lovely as I do! This Saturday will be the grand opening, 9.30am with goodie bags for the first 10 people who purchase and cupcakes! I can't guarantee that the cupcakes will last till the end of the day though 😉
You can find the shop at:
Unit 5, 
Warwick Lane, 
PO17 5JN
You can park in the square carpark free for 30 minutes or its 30p for the hour, if you want to park for longer there is a free car park down mill lane at the back of the square. 
Can't wait to say hello to all of you, it feels like I have waited so long for this to be actually happening,


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