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Everlong Chalk Paint Workshops at Teacups and Tutus - What to Expect

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Over the next few months, I will be running free Everlong Paint Workshop's at Teacups and Tutus in Southampton, with a £7.50 charge to cover the unlimited tea/coffee and a slice of cake. The uptake of these has completely astounded me! October and the 5th November booked up very quickly, the 19th November has one space and the 25th November is nearly full as well.

I thought I would give a quick insight into what these workshops involve, for those who are undecided or want a bit more information. These workshops are aimed at beginners, those who have had no previous experience of using chalk paint or if you have used other chalk paint's before and want to try out Everlong Paint with it's built in wax. We stock the full range of Everlong paint in the 1 litre and tester pot size as well as the brushes.

The workshops's are typically on a Saturday (check HERE for actual dates) and run from 9.30am or 10am. The actual finishing time will vary, it depends on how quickly the paint dries and how quickly you paint, but we aim to finish at 11.30am/12pm. Details on how to find Teacups and Tutus can be found HERE and we are just at the back of the tearoom.

There is parking on nearby roads and if it is cold outside, I advise bringing warm clothing as it can be a tad chilly inside.

Each session has a maximum of 4 people, as with 4 plus me there isn't much room left on the table!

I start with a brief intro about me, the business, the paint and then I always like to get to know the attendees. I provide pine picture frames in a variety of sizes, so you can pick one that is the right size for your home. I supply paintbrushes, aprons (they are a tad small, there is a long and slightly boring story behind why this is) as well as paint - normally in colours - Cricket Pitch, Vintage, Earl Grey and Sophia but these can vary. If you want to paint in a colour we are not offering, then you can buy the tester pot for £5.95 on the day or you can buy any tester pots you want at the end for your own projects at home. 

We start by just getting going! I find the best way to learn is just to do it and ask questions along the way.

At the workshop we will be doing a two tone effect, painting with one colour on the first coat and a different colour for the second coat. While the first coat of paint is drying, you are welcome to have a slice of cake or this is the perfect time to have a look around the shop.

Then it's onto the second coat, then while it's drying you can grab another tea or coffee and have another look around! At this point if the paint needs a helping hand, I have a old hairdryer which is perfect to get the paint dry.

Once dry, it's time for distressing with 180 or 120 grit sanding paper to add some emphasis to the details of the frame (if you can handle sanding back all the work you have just done, but trust me it's worth it) and then its onto the best bit about Everlong paint - No Waxing!!! I get to show you what a cheapy sponge can do to the paint to make it look shiny and amazing. We will also talk about when using the sealer would be appropriate.

Then it's time to go home and hopefully you will achieve a transformation like our previous attendees. 

Hopefully I will see you there soon! Contact Teacups and Tutus on Facebook to book your space

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