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Folding Chairs painted with Amble Sea, Everlong Chalk Paint

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Recently, I have been trying to step away from the whites and greys that have been dominating the pieces that I have been painting and inject some colour into my life! Don't get me wrong, the neutral colours go in pretty much any room decor and have a timeless quality, but sometimes you just want something a bit different, right?

The Everlong range of colours are all stunning, containing many pastel shades with a few brighter shades, such as Dijon, Miss Scarlett or Misty Mauve. 

I found two folding chairs at a car boot sale, which had a lovely shape but were looking a tad worse for wear with the seat slates having lost some of the varnish. 

Wooden folding chair upcycled with Everlong Paint

These chairs looked ideal to use a darker colour on, but I really love the two tone distressed look at the moment so first it was a case of painting it in Vintage. The only prep that I did on the chair was to wipe off the dust and lightly sand the seat where the varnish had made the surface slightly uneven. 

Folding chair painted in Everlong Chalk Paint in Vintage

Once the chair was fully dry, with no further prep, I painted on this deep blue, Amble Sea from Everlong. This is one of the great things about this type of paint, no faffy prep to do! 

At this point you can't see that I ever painted it in the Vintage, but its worth the extra effort for the subtle effect that you get. With a piece like this, its important to remember to paint underneath it as it will be on show once folded.

Folding wooden chair painted in Everlong Amble Sea

Distressing a piece, is always something that I quite enjoy and chalk paint is perfect for not getting a flaky finish. I distressed this piece quite heavily to give it a coastal, rustic look, bringing out the white and wood underneath the blue. I used a 120 grit sandpaper, normally I would have used a 180 grit but I ran out!

Everlong Amble sea with Vintage

The final step to completing the chairs was to seal them. Of course with Everlong paint you can simply buff to bring out the inbuilt wax but I like to make sure that all my pieces are super durable (mostly because I'm selling them!) but if these were just for me, I'd just buff them ;)

Eliza Rose at Mollys Den Winchester

This colour suited these chairs perfectly and would look amazing in a corner of a bedroom for chucking your clothes on or in the garden as chairs for the patio. They are now both available from Molly's Den, Winchester. 


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  • Catriona Brown on

    Can I ask what sealant you use ? If I was using say homemade chalk paint, would you recommend waxing AND sealing after ?

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