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Is it really Back to School time already?

With the summer holidays nearing to an end, its time to start thinking about the dreaded back to school run of shopping. Maybe you totally nailed it at the start of the holidays or maybe your one of the people who leave it to the very last minute. Either way, this is my top 7 of things you or your little one may need to make the return slightly more bearable (in addition to school uniform ;) )! 
For older children, there are lots of books, pencil cases and random things which need to be carried from class to class during the day. A sturdy but fashionable backpack is a must! I adore these ones from Cath Kidston, they don't just do vintage florals either, there are cars and dinosaurs! So whatever your kid is into, there is a design for them. 
The full range can be found HERE
Cath Kidston Backpack
Not all children need a notebook for school, but its great for them to have one to either practice writing or to jot down important things they need to remember. My current favorites are from Love Give Ink (HERE) the glitter design is gorgeous!! 
love give ink notebook
and Alexia Claire (HERE), the puffin on the whale gets me every time <3
alexia claire notebook
Pens and Pencils
Now, to write in those notebooks you going to need some pens and pencils. There are lots of companies that sell amazing stationary (I'm looking at you Squiggle) and endless choices. A really popular idea at the moment is to personalise them with a positive message or just things that they like. I can imagine that it provides a little pick me up if your tackling a difficult problem. The pencils below are from Pink Biscuit (HERE)
In the UK you are going to need a coat. Even in the middle of summer there are odd rain showers or the weather just turns cold. My kids have always had Hatley costs as they are super colourful, as well as being both warm and lightweight. Eliza picked this unicorn style one for this winter, its very pink and very girly and she absolutely adores it! The coats also last really well, our one from last year looks as good as new and its only because she outgrew it that we had to get a new one.   
You can find this coat HERE
Sometimes your child just will not eat what is on the school menu, no matter how delicious it may sound or even if they happily ate it last time. So, you need to have a lunch box stacked away just in case this happens at 8am on a school day! We stock this gorgeous vintage floral lunch bag which also has aluminium foil on the inside to keep the contents lovely and fresh. 
If you want this bag for yourself, you can find it HERE
Water Bottle
All children at school need a ready available supply of fresh water to keep their brains fully active, ready to absorb all the information that comes their way! With 30+ bottles in each class, you need to make sure that your child's one stands out. How about these personalised ones which you could put your child's name on? 
These are from Meeny Miney Mo and can be bought HERE 
PE bag
Along with water bottles, every little one needs a PE bag. These can be dumped in a storage bin or hung up on pegs outside of their classroms and with not much time to grab their bags, they need to be able to spot theirs from the rest of the class. These PE bags are perfect, injecting some personality alongside practicality! These are from Tillie Mint and can be bought HERE
So, there is the round up of my Top 7 Back to School Essentials! Is there something I missed? Let me know in the comments :) 
Love Simone

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