Want to see what's going on in the new shop? – Eliza Rose
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Want to see what's going on in the new shop?

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In the past couple of days I have been busy at the shop, the start of many busy days I feel but its been rewarding to see how much the shop has changed in such a short period of time. 
The biggest change has been to the exterior, its been painted in a slate grey satin. Some of the other shops have gloss, but I hate hate hate trying to wash brushes which have oil based paint on them, seriously water based paints are the way to go!!! Everyone who past me whilst I was painting outside was so lovely, asking about the shop and when it was opening, it made me feel part of this little community I was joining. 
After a few touch ups to get rid of every single trace of red paint, it was a quick window clean and then I got to put up my new Authentico sticker! I have been waiting to put up this sticker ever since I got in, I am very excited about setting up the new chalk paint and other workshops. Paint has been arriving and most of it is up on the website now and it will all be available in the shop as well.
The grey wall was given a final coat and I'm planning on wrapping some fairy lights around the gorgeous old ladder on the wall. The floor has also been painted in a dark grey, it now has a matt finish and is anti-slip. It seems quite dark in the photos but its not so bad in real life.  
With the chalk board wall having been finished with a second coat;  I got some beautiful white letters from Posh Graffiti which spell 'workshops' which will go above the panels. This wall will be behind the till and list all the workshops that will be held with dates and prices. 
I was waiting for ages for a delivery of shop fittings on Friday with my mum, luckily there was enough to do but you always want to be first on the delivery route don't you?! Of course I was given a time of 9-5 and with no idea of when they were coming but I managed to squeeze in a few rounds of home to Wickham with new stock. This is about half of what I managed to fit in my car (thank god for people carriers!)
Though if you looked in my office you would have thought that nothing had been taken it still looks just as full 😂
The fittings finally arrived but just has I had to leave to pick Eliza up from pre-school so my parents had to put it together themselves - oops! There is this cute flower cart which will be for my first window display, I'm hoping to fill it full of fake flowers and also hang some peonies from the ceiling on nylon thread. I am not entirely sure on it but I think it will work?
These two low shelves are staying on this grey wall, a piece of furniture is going in the middle (hopefully a chest of drawers!) a shelf or two above and then mirrors/signs.
In the edge you can see my till point which also arrived, its quite a chunky piece and my snazzy new till is going to look beautiful! I couldn't find an old vintage till so instead I went for a state of the art wireless one which is linked to my iPad, hopefully it will make my life easier. 
We have made so much progress in the first week, next week is all about furniture and styling. Tomorrow I'm putting in a welsh dresser and large extending table in the middle which will be for workshops. 
Hope your enjoying the updates, wish me luck for more furniture moving tomorrow 😬


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