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When you know what you should do....

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This post is coming from me with my small business hat on *puts on brightly coloured pink hat with a giant pom pom on* so if this isn't your thing, put Bake Off back on the telly and enjoy that mug of something hot in your hand 😉

When it comes to running a small business you have to learn to do everything yourself, be the accountant, marketer, social media guru, blogger, photographer, stylist, buyer and in my case painter! The more I read, the more things that get added to my list of things that I have to do to make a successful business. This last year I have been really concentrating on my photography and styling and I think its improved?! 

With the shop opening, I foolishly believed that I would have more time. Time I was spending painting in the evenings would be moved to shop hours, then blog writing could happen when the shop was quiet and I might even squeeze in some photography - sounds like the dream right?!  I was wrong, so very wrong  - turns out I forgot that I would have customers 😂 

One of these things I am meant to be doing is blogging, I often see that I should blog as it creates a permanent article that google likes. You should write like a real person, not for SEO but that it should also be useful content, not something just for the sake of it. Do you know how hard it is to think of useful things to blog about, that people might actually want to read?If you take the stance that you should write what you know then all my posts would be about virology or painting 🤦🏼‍♀️ not the most obvious mix right?

I have always enjoyed blogging, writing about what I was getting up to and places I have seen. But I have really struggled finding my way with blogging for a business compared to blogging personally. I would love to tell you all about the national trust place that I visited at the weekend or that my kids have been an absolute nightmare this week - seriously Eliza can talk for HOURS 😩

So, in summary, I know what I should do, I should sit down brain storm some blog ideas about furniture painting and interior design but sometimes your just human and want to do something else, right? 

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