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When you lose your Instagram Mojo

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Recently I have both lost and regained my Instagram love, for about a week I just lost all inspiration before managing to find again. It can happen at any time and its horrible! That feeling when you just don't want to take any photos or you have no idea what you want to take photos of?! 

If your like me and run a small business or blog then you pretty much consistently feel the need to post something which people will love, even if your not really feeling it that day. Of course, getting orders out the door and painting things take priority for me over pretty photos but how do you start to get over that lack of motivation that hits us all (after all we are human!).

Firstly, get rid of all the distractions in your life. Now, I'm not talking about leaving your family, friends or anything extreme but instead its all those little things. Write them all down, work your way through them, no matter how tough or how much you really really don't want to do it (ahem, tax return)  this will free up your brain to get creative! Nothing squashes creativity like a tax return 😂

Next, its off to the shops or garden to find some pretty flowers. Once I get started playing around with flowers on either my flat lay mats (check out the ones from Capture by Lucy they are the best) or just in bottles/vases and start taking photos it takes the pressure off finding that perfect photo, becoming something fun to do again.

Getting outside and going for a walk is one of the best ways to lift the slump from your mind, trust me, you might want to sit on the sofa and watch repeats of trashy telly but its not going to help you get out of your lack of inspiration! I try to go on hunts to find pretty houses or countryside, its not always successful but sometimes you can find an absolute gem which you never knew existed. 

Pinterest is one of the best places to find inspiration, not going to lie, I can easily loose days but you can discover beautiful rooms, flatlays and vignettes. Create some secret boards and use these to plan photos that you want to take in the future. It is also a great way to find amazing blogs, articles and designers who just take your breath away with their creativity. 

I also like to use these down periods to go and hunt down some new props for photos. Get out to car boot sales, charity shops, even the high street to find pretty and unusual things that would look beautiful in photos. Put together a prop box, full of ribbons, fabric, vintage books, photos and other random bits which you can just grab at a moments notice to pull together photos when you don't have much time.

During these periods I also don't focus too much on what my Instagram feed looks like, yes I like it to look cohesive but having fun and getting creative is what Instagram is all about so don't take it too seriously 😉 

Don't forget there is always Instagram itself! Find some new accounts or rediscover some old ones which the algorithm has been hiding from you, sometimes seeing someone else's creativity can spark something inside of you to give it ago yourself ☺️

Have you been in an inspiration slump recently and how did you get out of it? Hopefully this helps you find some inspiration and let you have fun with Instagram again! 

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