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Using Vintage Suitcases at your Wedding

shabby chic suitcase Vintage vintage wedding wedding

If you walk around any vintage emporium you will see worn, tatty and well loved vintage suitcases. I like to imagine all the places they have been or the stories they could tell us of far flung travels with owners dressed in Top Hats and Corsets.

For some reason, vintage suitcases have always reminded me to steam trains, luggage being loaded onto carriages with steam billowing around your legs

Vintage suitcases with a well worn look add character to any event

 Of course, in this modern era the suitcases don't get used as luggage as much. Instead they are given a new lease of life and wedding's are the perfect place to show them off to their best. 

One of the most popular ways, is as a beautiful card box. Your guests can leave the cards in the case and then at the end of the evening you can simply close the lid and off you go! The pile of cases below is one of my favorite ideas from Pinterest -  

Vintage suitcase pile used as a wedding card box

 Bunting with letters which spell out CARDS is the perfect way to let your guests know what the case is for. Otherwise you risk them being left at random spots around the reception...

Vintage suitcase with Card bunting, great decoration for vintage weddings

If your lucky enough to have your wedding reception outdoors or a barn party (and the British weather is being nice to you!) larger trunks or metal ammunition cases make a quirky alternative to table and brings so much character to an event.

vintage suitcase used as a low table for drinks

 If card cases or tables arn't your thing with vintage suitcases, then table plans are calling for you! A large trunk can be upcyled with gorgeous paper on the inside, string hung across it and the tables hung from it, place it on a stool to bring it up to guest height. If your on a tight budget and looking to do a lot of DIY for your wedding, this is such a brilliant way to get a lot of impact without a massive spend.

Vintage suitcase used as a table plan

 If you can't find a large trunk at a car boot or vintage store, little cases can work just as well, by putting them on a table covered in a cute floral cloth. 

Cute little suitcase used as a table plan case

When using vintage cases, they do not need to be kept just to the reception. Orders of service can be placed on the way in for guests to pick up, giving them a hint of the vintage treasures that you have planned for the rest of the day. How cute is this mini bunting?! 

At your wedding venue, confetti can be put in to keep it safe, ready for the big moment! I'd love paper cones of vintage paper filled with rose petals..


If your looking for more inspiration for using Vintage suitcases at your wedding, why not follow our Pinterest board, its full of ideas for DIY options :) 

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