50 Shades of Grey – Eliza Rose
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50 Shades of Grey

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No, this isn’t a post about the film and maybe there are not quite 50 shades but sometimes I think there are too many shades of grey! But, you may have noticed that I like greys and my love affair with this neutral is far from over 😉 Grey walls, frames, accessories and furniture all have a place in my house. 

However picking the perfect grey for your furniture can be pretty hard, thats the thing about grey, there are very few truly grey paints which don't have hints of yellow or blue but Autentico do many various shades which means you can match it to your colour scheme exactly. 

Now, its important to remember that where you put each piece of furniture in a room, with lighting and style will affect the way the colour will appear. For this reason its impossible to recommend a generic grey shade that will suit every piece of furniture, but have faith in your colour choice and always go bolder than you think you should! With chalk paint you can always re-paint a piece if you end up not liking the colour so all is not lost. 

In north facing areas you should choose a yellow based shade which will make the space feel warmer, eastern rooms can take on a bluer light so this will be amplified in whatever shade you pick, however in a south facing room you can pick what ever shade you like! 

So, I am going to talk you through the different undertones that each colour has to make sure you get the right one ☺️

Yellow undertones

Autentico Colours : Chalk Grey, Urban Grey, Flannel Grey and Dark Pepper

These shades all have a yellow undertones, so if you are putting your piece in a north facing space, pick one of these :) 

Blue Undertones

Autentico Colours : French Grey, Gris, Cement, Pigeon Grey

I would steer clear of putting these in a room with a eastern view, but they look amazing in areas which can have yellow light as it counters the warmth to produce a truer grey, 

Traditional Grey's

Autentico Colours : After Rain, Soft Grey, Smoke, Elephant Grey, Foggy Venice

These are the more traditional greys, some have a slight yellow or blue undertones but as a whole they are what people think of when it come to grey. 

Now, there has been rumours that grey is going to date, but I honestly think its a colour that goes with everything. With a piece of furniture painted in grey you can instantly transform it to match your current colour scheme by just changing the accessories that style it. 

Have you used grey on a piece of furniture lately? Whats your favourite shade? I think I will be cracking open the grey paint tins again.... 


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