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Bedroom Tour and New Simba Mattress

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I am a girl that looooves to sleep, I mean if I don't get at least 8 hours (okay more like 9 hours!) I am just not a nice person to be around. So, my bed is one of my absolute favourite places to be and because I seem to spend so much time in my bedroom I wanted it to look gorgeous.
To give you an idea with what I was working with, here is a photo of this room before we moved in...
Sorry for the bad quality (I had to get it from Rightmove!) but look at that colour and curtains 🤢
The room has been painted bright white, apart from the wall behind the bed which is in Dulux Lavender. Our house can have quite a yellow tone, so by painting the walls bright white it means we are not in an entire yellow room and my photos come out a bit better 😉
I am a sucker for a shelf above the bed, I like to change whats on it quite often and means that my wall is not covered in around a million tiny nail holes! My latest lust over is the fake trailing plant that I picked up from IKEA (found HERE) for £6 which just helps bridge the space between my bed and the shelf. 
On the other side of the room is a mirror that I picked up for £2 from a charity shop, painted and then dry brushed to bring out the detailing. Underneath is an old bureau that I got off eBay, painted and I use as my chest of drawers. The desk bit hides all those bottles of moisturiser that seem to multiply 🤷🏼‍♀️
Now, to the most important part of any bedroom, the mattress!!! My old mattress was around 10 years old, we bought it just before we got married when money was tight. It was a John Lewis reduced special, it had black marks down the side from were it has been delivered previously so we got a couple of hundred pounds off - bargain! Now, you are meant to replace them every 8 years - so I was we'll overdue a change! So when Simba got in touch asking if I wanted to try out their hybrid mattress I jumped at the chance!  
The next day, 2 lovely men rock up at my door and brought the mattress right up to the bedroom. I was amazed that a king size mattress fitted in such a tiny box, though looks are deceiving as it was really heavy 😂 I am so glad they carried it up for me as otherwise I was going to have to carry it up myself and I'm pretty sure I would have knocked 90% of the frames off the wall on the way up! 
The Simba mattresses are designed after hours of testing with The Sleep to Live Institute whose research is based on profiling more than 10 million people and 180 million body profile data points. I was really impressed with the fact they can be used on any bed (slatted, divan, flat base) so I didn't need to worry if my bed was suitable. 
The mattress inflates really quickly, I mean pretty much instantly the moment you remove the plastic wrapping, and then just needs a couple of hours to adjust before you sleep on it. Now their website tells be that there are over 2500 springs in there, but to be honest all I felt was the softness and the desire to fall asleep 😂
I have had this mattress on my bed for a whole week now and I have honestly been so impressed with what a difference it has made to my sleep! My old mattress didn't have a memory foam layer like this one and boy I was missing out! My favourite part is that I can no longer feel christian moving around on the other side, the memory foam layer moulds around you perfectly so its much quicker to find the perfect sleeping position. It has felt like I have been sleeping on a cloud, though it hasn't helped with my refusal to get up in the morning 😉
Use the link HERE to get £50 off any Simba mattress and sleep on a cloud too.
They have a 100 night trial so you can give it a good test!
 Any bed is not complete with a chunky knit blanket is it? This gorgeous one is made by the talented No Needles Required and can be made in so many different colours. I stock these in the shop or you can pop over to her Etsy shop! 
I also love prints in my bedroom and this one from Sweet Pea Paperie is perfect for me and Christian - however I am pretty sure that I'm his wild 😉 Again faux flowers feature heavily in this room, I am pretty well known for being unable to keep any kind of plant alive - seriously I killed two succulents last week... 
The room looks quite different from its original look, don't you think? I haven't shown the other side of the room because all you would see it a fitted white wardrobe door and a door to our ensuite. Not exactly exciting or inspiring!
The bed and bedside tables moved with us from our old house and were originally a natural beech wood. It just didn't fit in the light and bright vision that I had, so out came the chalk paint! Its really easy to paint a bed so honestly don't be imitated by the size of it, I managed to get all three pieces done in a day. 
Have you made over your bedroom recently? I would love to see your transformations! 

*This post is in collaboration with Simba mattress’


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