Christmas Offerings

There are only 6 shopping weeks left until the big man completes his round the world present drop and it got us at Eliza Rose thinking about gifts. Christmas, along with most holidays these days, are on another level when it comes to presents, decorating and food. How do you handle presents in your household and beyond? Some families set a price limit per person, others opt for a secret Santa approach and only buy for one. Once children are on the scene, things tend to change again and perhaps you only buy for the little ones.  Do you provide people with a wish list or leave it all to be a total surprise? The most important thing is to keep present giving and receiving enjoyable. When it becomes a chore or stressful, we lose the all-important magic of Christmas.


A well thought out gift often means more than spending a fortune on something. We have some lovely and reasonable gift ideas in store and on-line to treat that special someone.


 For the really ‘hard to buy for’, there is now an easy way out - Gift Vouchers!


These days people seem to have everything. Rather than waiting for Christmas, a birthday or saving up for an item, social conditional means we have to have it now! A great gift idea is your time. Take your children on a day out, perhaps to Legoland or Harry Potter World. Take mum for afternoon tea and your partner to a spa! Our workshops make great experience gifts too – from creating your own bouquet or wall hanger for your home to 1:1 paint workshops for the budding interior designers among you.

Don’t forget wrapping is everything – these become part of your home décor during the lead up to the big day. Pick your theme and create a beautiful display under your tree!

Whether you’re an online shopper or you prefer to pound the pavements of the highstreets; whether you strategically start your Christmas shopping in February or are a ‘skin of your teeth’ Christmas Eve kind of person, we hope you have a great git-giving experience.


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