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Style your home in Coastal Chic for the Summer

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One of the big trends of Summer 2016 is Coastal Chic, this trend has been around for awhile but this year its really taking off. I'm not sure if its the sound of waves crashing on a shore, the sandy toes or the cry of gulls, which makes us love the coast so much and want it in our homes! I'm lucky to live by the sea, okay, it's not quite Bournemouth, but I know for many, its only enjoyed on holidays.

Bournemouth Beach Coastal Chic Style

Perfect for summer, coastal chic can make you pretend that you are always on holiday and taking the plunge may only mean a lick of fresh paint (brilliant white or a pastel blue are perfect choices) and a few appropriate accessories, such as a sailing boat ornament or a cushion with an anchor emblem.

Nautical style cushions, perfect for a coastal chic design

Coastal Chic style for the summer

If you already have the ideal pieces of furniture for a room, why not upcycle them? Everlong have the perfect range of complementary colours which suit this style. Porcelain and Grecian Blue provide you with a classic coastal palette or you can step outside the traditions by choosing Dijon or Amble Sea for individual statement pieces. 

Everlong Paint Coastal Range

Why not create a whitewashed colour scheme in your living room to make a space full of light. White or neutral-toned wall panelling creates a great beach-hut vibe and if you add white linen furnishings and a wicker chest-style coffee table it finishes it off perfectly. Chuck in a few accessories with beach ornaments such as seashells, coral and beach pebbles or some fabric bunting to really make the theme cohesive.

wood paneling to create cohesive coastal style

blue shabby chic in a coastal home

If white feels a bit, well plain, you can add a pop of colour with coral or seagreen tones. Pictures and plaques of beachy quotes are a very popular way of cheaply bringing this theme into your home, picking rustic ones gives that feel of a sea worn home, this one can be found HERE.

life is better at the beach plaque

Why not add a large mirror framed with driftwood to reflect a feeling of light and space.  Driftwood provides warmth and reminds you of the power that the sea can have. To bring this style together, position nautical striped soft furnishings, sailing boats or wood in a corner of the room for laid-back coastal charm.

driftwood mirror accents for Coastal Chic styling

shabby chic box for nautical theme

Wicker baskets, half dipped in white can bring accents to a corner of a desk as a bin or on tables as bottle holders. We stock this simply double bottle holder (HERE) which is one of my favourite pieces in this range.

Wicker bottle baskets for coastal chic

white dipped wicker baskets

Let's all hope that this weather picks up so we can get outside and enjoy the summer, but in the mean time we can decorate our homes to pretend that it's summer inside instead ;) 

If you are looking for more inspiration, why not check out my Coastal Chic style Pinterest board on the link at the bottom of this post or our coastal collection which can be found on the home page 😊

Simone xx



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