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Create Chic Chalk Painted Pumpkins for Halloween

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As soon as October rolled around I was already planning ahead to halloween, as a child it wasn't that big of a thing. I remember putting on a costume and walking round to my gran's to trick or treat, there wasn't the decorating of the house or outside that has become popular now. 

Some might say that its got out hand or we are just copying America, but I love it! Our whole road gets really involved with most of the houses decorated. So, with this in mind, I wanted to get ahead of the game and decorate my pumpkins! After lusting over gorgeous painted pumpkins on Pinterest, I knew this was what I needed to do 🎃 

Picking pumpkins from Pickwell Farm

We visited our local pick your own farm, the kids loved finding the biggest pumpkins they possibly could and at only £2 for any size they are great value!

Once home, all the mud needed to be scraped off, the pumpkins throughly cleaned and dried. If you want your pumpkins to last even longer you can soak them in a tub of diluted bleach (upside down) overnight before painting. 

Cleaning the pumpkins of mud before chalk painting

Using chalk paint for pumpkins is perfect as it requires no priming, has low VOCs and is safe for children to use. There are so many beautiful colours, its easy to create the colour palette your after. 

 I chose to do four different colour schemes, blues, greens, greys and pastels.

Beautiful blue chalk paint to paint the pumpkins for halloween

Eliza was really keen to get involved with the painting, she chose one of the smaller pumpkins, it kept her occupied for a good hour - this may become a daily activity in the run up to halloween!! At the shop, there are pumpkin painting workshops running over half term if your little ones want a go at painting their own miniature pumpkin! These can be booked on our workshops page - HERE

Eliza Rose helps paint the pumpkins

The chalk paint goes on really easily and dries in around an hour, though you should leave at least 4 hours between coats to ensure you don't get any paint coming off on subsequent layers. 

I love the shades of the pastel pumpkins, pink, cream and light blue 😍

beautiful pastel chalk painted pumpkins in pink, cream and light blue

I love blue pumpkins, but you can also paint them teal if you cater for allergies, as they let people know that you have non sweet alternatives for the treats you are giving out. 

soft blue autentico chalk painted pumpkins

You can also use gold metallic paint to paint the stems to make them stand out! Of course you don't just to have painted pumpkins outside your front door, they can also be put into zinc troughs to make stunning centre pieces on the table. 

metallic gold on the tips of some of the white painted pumpkins

Because I bought soooo many pumpkins at the farm, I also painted some in Grey's and Green's. I am really happy with how they have turned out, the paint needs a few days in the dry weather to fully harden so it can withstand the British weather! 

Chic grey autentico chalk painted pumpkins for halloween

Its worth noting that these pumpkins are still real and will rot after a few weeks! But you can enjoy their beauty and if done close to halloween will last the celebration perfectly ☺️

Miniature painted pumpkins

I mean, what is better than a pile of painted pumpkins?!? If you want to recreate these for yourself, you can buy a Painted Pumpkin kit (available HERE) which includes chalk paint in three colours, enough for 3 pumpkins and you can also include a decal from Lacey's Letters, which will make you the envy of all of your neighbours!

Stunning autentico chalk painted pumpkins in blue and white
I would love to see your painted pumpkins, so please tag away on Instagram or share to the Eliza Rose Facebook page 🎃


Happy Halloween!

Chalk Painted Pumpkins

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