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#Hashtags for Creative Businesses

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#hashtags for creative businesses
I am currently in the process of designing some new cards to go in with my orders, alongside my thank you note and receipt, which provide details of our Instagram account and a little note saying 'Please follow us on Social Media and share your gorgeous projects!' and a cheeky #elizarose so I can easily find all the images to share on my Instagram feed.
Hashtags are an simply the best thing to use on Instagram to find beautiful photos and if you are a small business, this is the best way for other accounts to find you!! You simply click on the hashtag and it takes you to all photos which have used that hashtag. Perfect!
Gemma Sands has a beautifully simple graphic which lets you know when to use and not to use hashtags. 
Guide to hashtags
Instagram is one of the best places to discover small businesses, new trends and innovative makers. I can spend hours searching through peoples feeds and the captions to their photos read more like a mini blog than being sold to. This is one of the key things to remember with Instagram, treat it as a mini blog and the hashtags are a way of searching through it. 
Instagram lets you use to 30 hashtags per post, separate to those used in a comment. These 30 hashtags are your way to get customers to see your photo. With these tags, you should be thinking about who you're trying to connect with, so for me, I'm looking for people with an interest in interiors so use #interiordesign #homedecor etc.
Of course, these need to be relevant to the photo you are sharing, if its a pink cushion, dont use a hashtag relating to food! Use these tags to get people who are likely to be genuinely interested in what your feed is about, it doesn't have to be exactly what is in the photo more the style of your feed as a whole. 
A great tip that I got from Annie and Wilf is to copy and paste your hashtags from a notes app on your phone into the first comment on your posts. By moving the hashtags from the end of your caption into the comments looks much neater, putting more than two hashtags at the end of your caption can look very spammy. 
For example, here is a post that I did a few weeks ago, the comment for the photo is like a mini blog of what I go up to that day and related to the image I shared. The hashtags are then in a separate comment, so if you are viewing on the app, after a few comments this will disappear unless you click 'view all comments'. It just makes viewing your feed much nicer without excess tags. 
So, the next question is, what hashtags are right for my business? The best inspiration is to look on your customers feeds and what they are tagging their photos with. Also look at top influencers in your field, another great place is blogs and Pinterest is a brilliant resource to narrow them down. There's also tools you can use like Hashtagify.me  and Annie & Wilf run an amazing Instagram course for small businesses if you need more help!
To get you started here are a few that I use regularly which are quite general:
#Creativepreneur#SocialBusiness #thatsdarling

And then these I use for my niche:







 If you are a mum, these might be relevant to:



Try not to use ones such as #instafun or #happy as these are so general you will get lost in hundreds of feeds! 

Hopefully that has helped you out if you are new to Instagram and are not sure how to use hastags for your business! 


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