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How to create a Fresh Floral Wreath

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If you have seen my Instagram feed over the past few weeks you will see that I currently have quite an obsession with floral wreaths 🙈 Its not really my fault, okay it really is but I'm going to justify that it's just using up old flowers 😉 
A few months ago I picked up a grapevine wreath from Hobbycraft (at £4 who wouldn't?! You can pick one up HERE) it sat in my office for weeks, untouched before I remembered the Decorative Vintage Styling course that I went on back at the start of the year (run by Katie (The Vintage House that Could) and Tamsyn (Tamsyn Morgans)) and how Katie had said about how she created simple wreaths with flowers. 

Firstly, a massive disclaimer - I am not a florist, not even a little bit. I haven't even taken any sort of flower arranging course, however I do have a love (big love!) for all flowers. So, any tips you see here are just things I have picked up and probably not something a trained florist would recommend 😂

All the flowers I used were from Bloom & Wild, I get a monthly subscription from them. It works out at around £13 per month and as I use flowers in lots of my product photography its a worthwhile investment. This also takes out the difficulties in picking flowers that sit well together as its all done for me!! 
Flowers from Bloom & Wild arrive in a cute box which fits through your letter box and most arrive in bud so the flowers are not damaged in transit. Having said that sometimes the flowers do look a bit dead but they have always perked up within a day.
As these flowers had already spent 6 or more days in a vase they were past their best, perfect time for me to be creative! If you wanted a wreath to last for more that a day or two, I'd recommend using fresher flowers and a foam wreath which can hold water.  
With the amount of flowers that I had, I could not fill the whole wreath but its not actually a look I particularly like. Its nice to see the bareness of the vines against the vibrant colours of the flowers. When putting the flowers in, I start at the 9 o'clock position with the larger flowers first, working along, putting foliage towards the back and then smaller flowers towards the end.
Most of it is just playing, I try not to put too much thought into where I placed the flowers as I want them to feel organic. Going round the wreath you start to get a feel for the end look your after, filling any gaps as you go. I tried not to put the same flower next to each other in too big a clump as it can look unnatural. The grapevines lend themselves well to this task as you can just squeeze flower stems through and rearrange as needed. 
Then it was a case of filling any remaining bits with foliage, stepping back, seeing if you like the final product and just moving anything that doesn't look right!  I don't always get it right, but as its just a fun creative outlet and I'm not trying to sell them so it doesn't really matter! Sometimes I think we can all get a bit caught up in trying to create the perfect thing that we forget that its the process which can be more fun than the end creation!
I really enjoy making these and think its going to become a regular occurrence with flowers once they have served their purpose! It seems a lot to spend on flowers, but if they have been in a vase, product photos, a flatlay and then on a wreath, I think thats pretty good going! 
 Then its my favourite bit (after the creation process!) of styling it round the house. Christian always moans about my faffing but I enjoy it, even if the house is a mess afterwards as I have moved everything out of place 😂
Here are a few shots of some more that I have made since, I really love the pop of yellow from the gerbera's 😍 In this one I clumped the larger flowers together, moving to smaller ones on either side
This one with the cream roses was the latest one that I did, to be honest the roses were past it even for a wreath but I really wanted to do something with the pink cluster roses that I did it any way 🙊

So why not have a go at creating one yourself? If nothing else its an excuse to buy some pretty flowers, as if its like my house if you don't buy them, no-one else will 🙊 I have some peonies at the moment that I'm waiting to emerge and I'm already planning something for them!  If you are looking for inspiration on different wreaths, check out my Pinterest board at the bottom or why not pin this post so you can find it again later 😉

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