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How to create a Geometric Wall with Everlong Paint

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It seems the summer weather is a distant dream already, despite only being the end of July, it hasn't been a great 2016 so far, has it?! 
To cheer myself up, I decided on a whim to re-paint Eliza's room. Recently we have had a move around in the house and the room that Eliza used to be in, is now my office and home to lots of boxes of stock! I secretly wanted this room as it has a gorgeous grey wall with woodland decals - think beech trees, deer, rabbits and birds.
As a result, Eliza is now in a room opposite to Rhys which is has a plain white walls. She has been there for a couple of months whilst I decided how I was going to create a modern looking girls room. Her favorite colour is pink, so I knew that had to feature somehow.
A quick browse of Pinterest planted the idea of creating geometric shapes with three colours. I hadn't really thought about how I was going to make it happen, but I'd gone to B&Q to pick up some sandpaper (Who knew they now do it in 10m rolls! perfect!) and she found this tester pot of purple that she really really wanted and I'm too much of a pushover to say no ;)
Back home, handily I have lots of tins of paint and so played around with different combinations to create a perfect trio. I ended up with Early Grey and Sophia (from Everlong) which complemented the Valspar Violet Ice, this is also a featured Pantone colour. 
Everlong Paint in Earl Grey and Sophia, Valspar Paint in Violet Ice
The first step was to move all the furniture in her room, luckily there wasn't too much, but I was questioning my motivation at this point!! Then it was time to create the shapes, I did this using Frog Tape. I didn't follow a set pattern or use a ruler (ekk!) just free handed random lines and adding more if I thought the shape looked too big. 
The wall ended up looking like this - 
White wall covered with Frog Tape
Now, the fun part! Using the Everlong 2" brush, I painted random panels with one of the colours. Trying not to over think the pattern, but I attempted not to put the same colour next to each other too often. Of course there are areas where this happened but it looks more natural than completely regimented. Eliza did insist on helping at this point, but luckily I managed to focus her attention to areas that would be hidden (and I quickly painted over!) before she got bored and went to play with her toy kitchen. 
Chalk paint is super easy to use as wall paint, just use as normal wall paint! It gives a matt finish which was exactly what I was after. 
I used Frog Tape as it gives really crisp lines compared to just using masking tape, trust me its not a step worth skimping on! To get the best result you should remove the tape whilst the paint is still wet, of course I couldn't always do this as the paint was drying pretty quickly... but it turned out okay!! 
Painted wall in Everlong Paint Earl grey and Sophia to create geometric shapes
It only took an hour or so for the paint to fully dry and I could put everything back. Here is the finished room - I LOVE it!! Eliza also squealed when she saw it saying its 'it's perfect, i love it', all the feedback I need :)
Girls room with geometric shape wall painted in pink and purple
The tassel garland is from The Indigo Zebra,  the lampshade from Lazy Susan Makes, the twig tree for her bow bobbles and clips is from Hobbycraft and the cot bed is one I previously painted with Everlong Paint in Vintage and the stag stencil is from Lears Creative and painted in Everlong Paint Noir 
You can pin the image below if you want to come back and try it out for yourself! There is also a Pinterest board full of geometric wall ideas at the bottom which you can follow and come back to.
You can also follow me on instagram at @ElizaRoseShop 
How to create a geometric wall with chalk paint

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