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Ideal Home Show 2017

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I was super excited to be invited to visit the Ideal Home show this year, as a total interiors addict, I really wanted to see the latest trends and styled houses. Not having been since I was a child (my dad is in the building trade so we went often!) all I could really remember was that they had full size houses inside 😮 I mean that in itself is pretty impressive as they build houses in such a short amount of time that no-one will ever live in! 
The show is held within Olympia, across all halls. Its not the easiest place to find parking (we were fine in the end) and to be honest, I much prefer going to the NEC in Birmingham. That sounds crazy as I live in Southampton as London is closer but I hate London traffic!!! Birmingham is such an easy drive in comparison, but enough about traffic...
Amongst all the stands (there are literally hundreds) I visited was the Dimplex stand, I had been invited to come along to see their Opti-myst electric fires which are super cool. Electric fires might not seem like my kind of thing, but I am a total sucker for a log burning fire and as I live in a new build, thats pretty much an impossible wish! Dimplex do some really gorgeous faux log burners and the flame effect is realistic but completely safe for children (and bunnies 🙈) as it produces cold mist, this was tested throughly by both Rhys and Eliza so I can confirm that it doesn't hurt 😂
As we were told, the effect comes from ultrasonic technology to create an ultra-fine water mist which creates the flame effect along with the lights within the coals and logs. They were also launching their RediTap which gives boiling water straight from the tap making it ideal for a quick cuppa or to get the veggies boiling quickly. You can follow their Instagram page  - @dimplex_uk to get more inspiration ☺️
Outside of the hundreds of stands there was also a food and drink festival, with live cooking demos (great place to sit and have a rest from the walking), a artisan market (bought some yummy apple juice) and lots of food companies giving away tasters - I may have eaten my weight in free cookies 😂 The festival was on the second floor, along with a gadget area (which was pretty disappointing) and some other bits which I can't remember. 
One of the bits I felt they could improve on was a kids area, Rhys and Eliza came with me and there was pretty much nothing for them. This surprised me as nursery furniture, decor etc is so big on Instagram/Pinterest and with kids rooms there is so much scope to play with the decor and design. It also wouldn't have taken a lot to put a small soft play section for the kids to burn off steam. 
Next stop was the interior styling section, were I spent lots of time 🙈 Good Home Magazine had set up several rooms, styled with the latest trends. Dark interiors were definitely in, with navy walls and rose gold accessories - something that I really want to incorporate in my home, I have pretty much decided I am going to do it in our bedroom. 
The two tone Laura Ashley kitchen was stunning, confirming my complete love for this style and when I get a new kitchen (!!) it will be the type that I go for. The new RediTap is definitely on the wish list although I don't want a wooden work surface as we had one in our old flat and I just destroyed it with water marks despite oiling and sanding - lesson learnt practicality over style! 
The styling in these rooms was lovely, much better than in the actual houses which were built. Going round those I was really uninspired and it felt that who ever had styled it had never seen Instagram.... 
I adored this peg board against the yellow wall, its something that I could easily recreate in my own home. 
These flower pots on the wooden slated wall were absolutely gorgeous! Sadly my garden has no suitable space to recreate this look but if you had a small courtyard garden it would be perfect, colour without needing flower beds. 
Pretty sure these walls below are in Demin Drift (or very similar colour) which is the Deluxe colour of the year, I can totally see why it is because its so versatile with the blush peach complementing in the recessed shelf. If you want to see how to use Demin drift in your home, you can read my previous blog - HERE
It was lovely seeing all the emerging and established trends at the show, the styled rooms inspired me and now there are several more things added to my wish list!! Did you go to the Ideal Home Show, what did you think?
Disclaimer: I was given free tickets for the Ideal Home Show by Dimplex UK, however all opinions are my own. 

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