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Denim Drift - Interior Trends for 2017

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This year is one of the first that I have been really into following what the upcoming trends will be. It's something that we all copy, without even realising, the trends filter down from a few trail blazers to high end shops, eventually coming to the high street. At which point you can buy every home accessory you might ever want in that colour or theme!! 

Dulux recently realised their colour for 2017, Denim Drift. This colour was picked by their global team of colour experts within an over riding theme of 'Life in a New Light' and sits within a palette of 10 different blue tones. Okay, I have absolutely no idea what that actually means, but I do adore blue!  

denim drift

Denim Drift is an absolutely gorgeous shade of grey blue that goes with just about everything! If 2016 was all about Hygee and feeling cozy, then 2017 is keeping things fresh and scaled back. Lagom is the in Scandi word, translating to “enough, sufficient, adequate, just right.” Unlike hygge, which aims to capture a feeling, lagom is an ethos of moderation. I feel this shade of blue completely complements this! 

This is easily achieved using Denim Drift, giving different tones across the changing light of a day. You can use it flat on a wall or used on kitchen doors - how amazing would that look!! or you can get creative and do spots in different shades across a wall or pick out certain corners or cupboards. 

Vintage pieces sit easily alongside this colour, the brass, wood and eclectic details complement the wall colour, pulling a room together.

I have seen darker walls all over my Instagram feed and it's a trend that I'm really loving. Though, currently I'm too scared to take the plunge and actually do it 😬 I have lots of white walls and I'm slightly concerned that my house will feel like a dark cave rather than gloriously cozy!! 

Denim Drift is a very versatile colour, making it easy to transition between seasons whilst making a room feel light and airy in summer but cozy in the winter.

But what if you don't want to paint your walls? This was my first thought as it's a lot of effort to get out those paint rollers 😂 Everlong do a very similar blue/grey chalk paint colour, Wedgewood. This has actually been my colour of choice for a few months now (if you have been to one of my upcycling workshops, you may have heard me go on about it!!). So, if you have a house full of white walls you can't bear to paint, then you can still get you blue/grey fix! 


Will you be using Denim Drift in your home? I have a Pinterest board full of inspiration for you ;)



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