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My home was featured in Your Home Magazine!

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Back in September last year I was contacted via Instagram by the lovely Stephanie, an interiors journalist, who wanted to take some photos of my home and write a piece about me for a magazine. To say I was excited was an understatement!! It was totally out of the blue!
We have been slowly working our way round the house, completely repainting and styling since we bought it 3/4 years ago and so it was really lovely that someone else thought it looked nice too and the hours I spent on Pinterest putting together room designs were not in vain! I was a bit concerned about having photos of the whole house as I hate our kitchen (you might notice its never on my insta feed!). Its on my long term plan to get the wall knocked down and have open plan living room/kitchen, I think its pretty ugly and just didnt see how it would be nice enough to put in a magazine.
Luckily, there was 4 weeks to get the house ready and it really pushed me to get all those finishing touches done that you put off when you live in it. My dad was my absolute saviour as he came every week to paint skirting boards, fill in holes and watch me faff around with trinkets which he didn't see the point of. I hadn't quite appreciated how much work needed to be done, the list seemed to grow everyday and even though we never made it to the end (seriously I added a ridiculous number 😂 ) it looked amazing. I did have to chuck a lot of stuff in some random boxes and cupboards that never did find a proper home, made for an interesting week after as we couldn't find anything! 
Those 4 weeks were definitely needed as with a 3 and 6 year old my house is never tidy so it was an undertaking to make sure it looked even remotely magazine ready - ekk! 😳😬
On the day in November, I made sure it was one that Rhys was at school and Eliza at pre-school otherwise I knew that my tidy house would not remain so. Stephanie and David (an amazing photographer) were so lovely and really put me at ease. It was really interesting seeing the house in a completely different light, setting up scene in each room which really brought them together.
It took around 4 hours to do the house, which I find incredible as it takes me that time just to photograph a few products for the website. Stephanie interviewed me as we went round the rooms, it really wasnt formal, just like having a chat, which for those who know me means I talked and talked.....
I had to be photographed in several of the rooms, having your photo taken always feels a bit weird but David put me totally at ease. When they left, it was so nice to just sit back and enjoy having a tidy and finished house, especially before Christmas. Though, if you were to look at it now, its back to its original messy, toy covered self! 😂 
A few emails back and forth after the shoot to confirm details and before I knew it Your Home Magazine had picked it up - I literally told everyone at the school gates even if they didnt want to hear!! 
The long wait between the photos being taken and the article coming out (April edition, on sale March 2017) seemed to last forever... I was so eager to see what the photos looked like that I bought the digital version which comes out a few days before the physical magazine. Then when the physical copy came out I had to buy 2 or 3....
Inside there was 6 sides devoted to the interior of my home, the photos looked amazing and my home seemed to have become very spacious! I have had so many lovely comments on social media, which is so nice as its always a bit nerve wracking putting your home out there for everyone to have a nose around (thats the whole point why we buy these magazinges isnt it?!). 
So, if you haven't bought it already (why are you still reading this?!) then pop along to your nearest newsagent as its only on sale until the end of March :)

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