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Sarah Guild Designs Christmas Wreaths

Christmas flowers Wickham

I know it seems early to be talking about Christmas, but the planning starts in early June when you have a shop 🙈 Over the year Sarah and I have been running lots of floral workshops and we cannot wait to start the Christmas madness again with the moss based Christmas wreaths!! 

 This year there is no doubt in my mind which wreath will be on my front door as it will be my second year of having a beautiful Christmas wreaths by Sarah from Sarah Guild Floral Designs. When she came into my life last year, completely by chance, I just fell in love with her natural floristry style. She lives in a beautiful old cottage just down the road from the shop, bringing her flowers to the shop in a wheelbarrow, I mean she's living the Instagram dream! 

She makes such a stunning wreaths and helps others to create them too! What I love best of all is that it is a moss based wreath which you don't see very often these days. This means that the foliage and flowers are kept watered by the moss, which you do need to keep damp over December (easy if your door gets wet by the rain!).

You can see the moss poking out from round the back of my wreath below, it is medium sized wreath but moss based wreaths are so heavy I am not sure that I could hang one much bigger!

There is so much packing in this wreath, pinecones, crab apples, pine (of course!), silver painted peppercorns, eucalyptus, thistles, rosemary, berries and lots all finished off with a beautiful double bow 😍 I have now added some battery powered string lights to my wreath so it twinkles on the dark nights, these are on a timer, so they are on for 6 hours then off for 18 hours - perfect if you always forget to turn them off like me! 

Of course this isn't the only style of wreaths that Sarah does! She has a gorgeous selection of designs which means you can find the perfect one for your door. I fixed mine to my door by using the loop attached to the inner hoop, to hang it from a piece of string which went over the back of my door and attached to a door knob on the inside. You can it from your door knocker if you have one or using a wreath hanger (available from lots of different shops!)

If you fancy making one yourself rather than have Sarah make one for you, she runs wreath making workshops at the shop!! Last year these were really popular, selling out in a couple of weeks and she became by work wife as we saw each other pretty much every day (sometimes twice a day!) with between 4 and 6 people on each one. She talks you through how to create the moss ring before layering up pine and flowers and adding extras such as dried oranges, crab apples, lavender, pinecones, peppercorns - she brought so much I forgot the names of most of them!! 

Though, you may end up loving it so much that you have to put it on an inside door so you get to see it for more than 2 seconds a day!

You can order wreaths from Sarah direct for your door or book onto one of our workshops - HERE


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