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Styling IKEA RIBBA Picture Ledges


As I'm getting older (or more and more sucked into Instagram, I'm not sure which is the bigger issue!), it seems that styling my house is way more fun than going on nights out 🙊 

One way to make your home more Insta-worthy is to style your shelves to create your own Shelfie. Even easier to style than shelves are picture ledges, hanging photos and making them look nice is hard but picture ledges take this issue away and are super easy to change as your style changes!

Until I started writing this post, I didn't realise how many of my rooms have picture ledges in - shows how much I love them!! The IKEA RIBBA ledges are super cheap and come in two sizes, The longer one is used in the living room and my bedroom, whilst the smaller one was perfect for Eliza's room or as a book shelf. 

Securing the ledges is easy as they have three pre-drilled holes, you need to use screws which are suitable for your wall type. IKEA also supply little white stickers so you can cover the screw heads. Then it's the fun bit of styling!

I love to vary the heights of the items on the shelves as it brings a lot of interest, so an A4 print in an IKEA frame (with mount) fits perfectly with several small or medium prints. Don't be afriaid to go big though, a large vintage style ice cream sign takes pride of place on one ledge, providing a pop of colour.

Ikea RIBBA shelf styled with Ikea frames

Sticking hooks underneath the ledge means that you can hang fairy lights or bunting which add a bit more interest! Don't be afraid to experiment either, I had an old clock which looked perfect but didn't work (perfect as the ticking would have driven me mad!!) adding it to my shelf meant it wasn't just thrown away.

Ikea RIBBA shelf styled with pictures and photos

Fake peonies on Ikea RIBBA shelfie

Of course it doesn't just have to be pictures that you put on a ledge, add texture by putting a milk bottle with fake flowers or a wooden letter onto the shelf. In Eliza's room, her little bunny lives on the shelf as well as a gorgeous little painted pink cloud. 

If you know the ledge will be not being re-arranged too often, then you can also style hanging photos around. For this, I like to make sure that either the top or bottom edge of the frames line up. 

However with ledges there is a lot of freedom as you can move objects and frames around until you reach something that your happy with. I went on a hunt around the house to find objects which matched the look I wanted!

Ikea shelf with pink geometric wall

The RIBBA ledges are really versatile, in Rhys' room they are used as a book shelf. The smaller ledges are perfect for layering up to create a bookcase. This was particularly great when he couldn't read, picking his favourite book himself by the cover. 

 Ikea RIBBA shelves as book shelves

ikea RIBBA shelves with books on in children's room

Okay, this isn't a picture ledge, but could easily be re-created with one! Using two different lengths of shelves can create a really nice effect, especially by putting a taller frame on the end and having larger objects which couldn't fit on a ledge.  

I'm hoping I've convinced you to get some photo ledges and give styling them a go. You will be surprised at how much you have already in your house to put on them! 

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