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How to upcycle and paint a plastic playhouse with Everlong Paint

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How to upcycle and repaint a plastic playhouse using Everlong Chalk Paint
So, the above image was posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages and was a massive hit with everyone and has become our most popular post! Many people have asked me how I did it and what paint to use. 
A bit of background, we got this playhouse from a friend, a puppy had chewed a corner and it had become a bit sun bleached. This little plastic house is the kid's favorite toy in the garden, they loves to put toys in it and have a tea party or spray it with water! 
Despite them loving it, I hate the way it looks! Knowing that Everlong Paint can stick to anything, I thought it was the perfect project to put it to the test. For the house I used the following things:
Products and chalk paint needed to upcyle and update a plastic playhouse
Everlong Paint colours - Grecian Blue, Vintage, Cricket Pitch, Dijon and Noir. A paintbrush and I used some left over fence paint in Urban Slate that was in my garage for the roof and then some oil based clear varnish  to make it waterproof. I was going to a beach hut or coastal chic look.
The walls were in Grecian Blue, the roof and window accents in Urban Slate, the door and window in Vintage, then details in the other colours. To start I did the roof, it felt soooo good to paint over the old green colour and get this gorgeous deep grey. 
Then walls and windows, both of which needed two coats to get the colour I wanted and the brown plastic not to show through. The plastic was quite a dark colour and as I was taking it much lighter I was expecting to do more that one coat. I used about 300ml (3 tester pots) for the walls, 200ml for the roof and 50ml for the white details and then only a little bit for the details.
The paint stuck perfectly, I didn't sand it or prep it in any way apart from brushing off the dirt! I was really impressed that the paint didn't repel from the plastic and covered it just as I would expect from a piece of pine etc. The last bit was my favorite, painting the flowers. I never even noticed the flowers were there before I started transforming it!! 
Finally the whole piece is covered with a oil based Clear varnish to make sure that it can withstand our temperamental British weather. So if you have a playhouse in your garden, why not transform it? 
Beach Hut and Coastal Chic inspired updated and painted playhouse

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