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7 Things you didn't know you could paint with Chalk Paint


Okay, so you are all aware of how much I love chalk paint and as its one of the biggest trends in home decor at the moment, it's a cheap way to improve your home with maximum impact. My normal route is to use chalk paint on furniture as I am sure most people do'

Chalk Paint is a pretty amazing thing as it mostly stick to anything.. so to see if it is really true, I went to find unusual things that can be painted. So, here are my top 7 things that you can paint that isn't furniture to inspire you to use it in more projects. 


Mason jars are simply gorgeous, painted in pastel shades with simple flowers or make up brushes in. It All Started with Paint has a great tutorial on how to achieve this look.

Chalk painted jars

 Front door

A simple makeover with a big impact is painting your front door. It doesn't matter if it's wood or plastic, chalk paint can stick to either. Though you need to seal it to make sure it can withstand all that the British weather can throw. This gorgeous door was painted by Love2Furnish in Everlong Cricket Pitch. 

 Play House

This is one that I have done myself, it's easy to transform a old plastic playhouse into something stylish that you will love in your garden (even if the kids don't notice!). 

You can read my blog post HERE about how to achieve it. 

Upholestered chair

One of the most impressive transformations that you can do with Chalk Paint is painting furniture, seriously you can paint fabric! The best way is to use a spray bottle and dampen the fabric throughly with water to allow the paint to absorb. To prevent the paint from cracking, lightly sand between coats.

This chair is an amazing example of what you can achieve, by ArtsyChicksRule 

Kitchen cupboards

Another impressive way to use chalk paint is to transform old dark wood kitchen cupboards to beautiful pastel shades. If you don't have the budget or the units are perfect but the colour is wrong, this is for you! I think this update by Our Storied Home is gorgeous, now I want units looking like this! 


Dried flowers

Until recently, I have no idea that you could paint fake flowers, but this post by White Lace Cottage proved me wrong! These gorgeous soft pink flowers were once white and when added to a mirror completely changed its look. 



Okay, so this isn't an example of a use of chalk paint (forgive me!) but it is something that you could achieve using the Everlong heavenly range. If you have some old plastic animals or dinosaurs then you can reuse them on jar tops, place holders or even as drawer knobs. Something Turquoise used gold spray paint to achieve the look in the photo below but I'm definitely going to give it a go myself!


Have you tried to paint something unusual with chalk paint? Let me know in the comments.  

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