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Chic Mouldings - How to Use

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How to stick the Mouldings to your furniture or surface

When using the moulding on an unpainted piece, just stick it directly onto a clean smooth area using glue. We recommend you use a 2 part Cyanacrylate glue to attach your mouldings. You can purchase it HERE from Amazon. It is also possible to use a hot glue gun, No Nails or Superglue for an instant fix. Alternatively you can use a PVA wood glue, tape into position whilst drying, leave for a few hours.

If your furniture or surface has already been painted, all that's needed is a light sand before applying.

It is not recommended that you apply the moulding directly onto chalk paint. This is because the glue will react with the chalk paint & they will fall off, and that's not what we want! Always make sure you seal if first (if using Everlong Paint you just need to buff it a little bit to bring out the shine or apply a coat of the sealer), then give a light sand and then stick.


How to bend Chic Mouldings

It's totally possible to bend Chic Mouldings, so you can completely personalise your project! However, please do not try and bend your mouldings straight out of the packet!

They need to be warmed up to allow it to soften and become flexible, this can be achieved by either heating in a microwave for a few seconds or by using a heat gun/hairdryer.  Remember to not let them overheat, otherwise they can become unusuable and that would be terrible!

Once warmed, gently mould into desired shape and secure with masking tape whilst drying. Remove tape when dry, the shape of your applique should now be set.

How to paint the Mouldings

Apply 1-2 coats of paint with a soft brush after you attach your item to your surface. You can also use spray can paints if required.

Some may have air bubbles due to heavy details. These can be filled with filler, if needed, before painting. But paint does cover lots of these tiny ones.

 Have fun getting creative with these and let us know how you get on!

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