The Painted House Rollers - Fabric Applicator – Eliza Rose
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The Painted House Rollers - Fabric Applicator

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he fabric applicator works in a vey similar way to the wall applicator, as such that the pattern can be done either alternating or identical. You can use cahlk paint to paint fabic, however please be aware that you cannot wash it in the same way you normally would. 

The applicator itself has a swiveling tank that has two parallel chambers, which means you can use either one or two coloured paints for a design. A series of cylinders within the tank transfers a thin layer of paint on to the pattern of the design roller, which then applies it to the fabric. The design rollers are interchangeable and reusable.

The video below shows how to use this applicator. 

It is also possible to use the wall applicator on fabric, which the video below describes:

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