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Transforming a Pine Welsh Dresser

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Painting furniture is is such an easy way to transform something which is a bit ugly into something you adore and never want to let go of. 

I found this pine Welsh dresser on a local selling site with the intention of giving it a lick of paint. Transforming it from an ugly orange pine to a beautiful fresh creamy white. It had these cute pegs for hanging which you don't see very often which really tipped the balance for me!

When looking at furniture it's important to give it a once over to check that the actual structure is in good order and doesn't have woodworm. Of course you can fix or repair bits with wood glue, sanding or filler but if your not confident or wanting a quick job, pick something thats less likely to give you hassle! 

Pine Welsh dresser

I gave the unit a wipe down to get rid of dust and a sand in any places which had deep knocks.

Everlong do lots of gorgeous creamy colours, for this unit French Cream was perfect. It's creamier than Vintage but not as yellow as Double Cream! Before I started painting furniture, I really didn't get the subtle shades between colours, strolling along the paint aisle in B&Q I would moan about what on earth was the difference between apple white, daffodil white or mineral mist?! I take it all back, they are important differences when your painting to a colour scheme 🙈 

Pine Welsh Dresser in Everlong chalk paint

It took 2/3 coats to get this finish, the top of the unit was sanded back with a detail mouse sander to get it back to the light pine underneath. This look is really popular at the moment, I think it's the durability that a solid wood top gives. Knowing that you can just sand it back if you end up with any marks.

Welsh dresser painted in Everlong Chalk Paint French Cream

All the edges were distressed with 180 grit sandpaper, using this fine grit of paper gives me much more control over how much I take off. Some of you will not understand/like distressing but it really makes any details pop and bring furniture to life. 

Bark heart with pink fabric centre

 The wood top was sealed with four coats of Everlong Sealer and the rest of the unit had two coats. You can just buff the paint but I always prefer to seal, just because my kids are known for their mucky fingers! 

You, me and the sea sign on Welsh dresser

Painted Welsh dresser with chalk paint

It takes around 20 minutes for the sealer to dry, slightly making the shade of paint darker and the look shinier (not in a bad way).

Bee sign with white roses

Welsh Dresser in Everlong French Cream

Filling a dresser full of pretty things is always my favourite part, then standing back and just looking at it. 

Transforming a Welsh dresser with Everlong paint

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