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Everlong Paint FAQs

Many of our customer's have lots of questions when they purchase Everlong Chalk Paint. Here I hope to answer some of them, however if you still have more, please email me at - elizarosevintage@gmail.com or why not come to one of our free paint workshops. 

There are currently 25 different colours of Everlong Chalk Paint, these can be viewed in our Everlong Paint section of our website. We, at Eliza Rose have tried many different chalk paints and can honestly say, Everlong is our favorite! 


Do I have to prime my pieces before I paint them?

Nope! The paint will stick to almost any surface so requires no sanding or priming. Just give your piece a clean with a damp cloth or sugar scrub to make sure there are no bits of fluff or dirt before you start painting.


Can I really skip waxing with Everlong Paint?

This is my favorite bit, no waxing! The finish of the paint is just like a waxed chalk paint. It looks and feels beautiful, is durable, wipeable and super easy to use. You will get a matt finish, but if you want a waxed finish, use a cheapy sponge to bring out the shine. 

For high traffic areas such as table and dresser tops, it is advisable to use Everlong One Coat Sealer to further protect the surface.


What is Everlong's ''One Coat Sealer''?

Everlong's ''One coat sealer'' is an Eco Friendly/Water Based Matt Sealer which is used to add extra protection for high traffic areas such as table tops. The sealer is water, scratch, heat and child/pet resistant, so you know you have extra protection without destroying your furniture. I have tested this with my fingernail - no marks!

One coat sealer is also used for weather proofing your outside projects. Once coat sealer is also used as a tanning/old varnish stain blocker. Available in our shop for only £8.50.


Can I use Everlong on Children's Furniture?

Yes! Everlong paint is child safe and EN71-3 Compliant


How far does a sample jar and litre tins of Everlong go? 

It's impressive just how far your Everlong paints will go. With a sample jar you can easily paint a chair with two coats only using half a jar. With a litre tin of Everlong, you can get around 15sq feet of paint, which is a standard size Dresser and you'll have some left over for your other projects!


How many colours are there and where can I view them?

There are currently 25 Everlong Paint Colours available and you can view the colours available on our website and also at The Boutique Village as we have all Everlong paint samples available on wooden spoons for you to see the colours and feel the texture of our amazing paints.

**Please note that colours on the website may differ to the actual paint colour. For an accurate colour match, please visit us to see the Everlong Colours.**


Can I get a colour chart posted out to me?

We sell Everlong Paint charts from the website. We also stock them at The Boutique Village - just pop in and get one!


Can I buy Everlong paint brushes from you?

Yes, we offer two sizes of flat brush - a one inch and a two inch. They have a comfortable, rustic wooden handle and fine,soft, smooth bristles that enables the paint to glide off easily. This means minimal brush stokes and no heavy dragging. They really help to make creating your masterpiece that little bit easier.

There are also two sizes of round brush that are ideal for working quickly into detailed moulding and carving. The smaller one is best for fine detail and the larger one is better for getting the job done quickly.

1" Brush is only £4.95 and 2" Brush only £8.95


Can I use Everlong Paint outdoors?

Everlong paints are fantastic for up-cycling your garden furniture, plant pots or front door. Just apply Everlongs ''One coat Sealer'' for outdoor protection. 


I'm experiencing some bleedthrough from old varnish on my painted piece. What shall I do?

Occasionally on older pieces you may experience a bleed through from tannins or varnish, typically on more antique pieces of the 1930s. If you experience this, use Everlongs ‘One Coat Sealer’ on the piece before painting again to seal the stain. 

When using the sealer its important to ensure all of your brush strokes are in the same direction to make the piece look amazing!


Do you offer painting courses?

Yes! What's more, they're FREE! See our website or our facebook page for more details.


Can I use Everlong Paint with mouldings?

Yes! We stock Chic Mouldings which are 100% compatible with Everlong Paint. Our Mouldings are available at The Boutique Vilaage and Molly's Den Winchester.

We recommend you use a 2 part Cyanacrylate glue - found HERE to attach your mouldings  You can purchase it HERE

You can also use a hot glue gun, No Nails or superglue for an instant fix.


Do you offer next day delivery?

Yes, you can opt to have your parcel sent in 24 hours with Parcelforce Express24 - however it will cost £12 regardless of the quantity purchased.


What is Everlong's Colour of the Month?

Everlong Paints are running a six monthly competition where each month there is a different Colour of the month. All you have to do is paint your projects  in the Monthly colour and post your finished items on Everlong Paints Facebook page.  The Prize is a £100 Everlong Hamper filled with loads of Everlong Goodies. The Winner will be selected at Random by Everlong HQ at the End of each month! Good Luck 


Where can I get hints, tips and advice for using Everlong Paint?

Lots of information can be found on our website (check out our blog!), facebook page (here) or you can attend one of our free paint workshops.